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Animals- J & JF


Author   Title
Armstrong, William   Sounder
Avi   Poppy
Bagnold, Enid   National Velvet
Branford, Henrietta   White Wolf
Bryant, Bonnie   Horse Crazy
Bunting, Eve   Some Frog!
Bunting, Eve   The Summer of Riley
Burnford, Sheila   The Incredible Journey
Byars, Betsy   The Midnight Fox
Byars, Betsy   Tornado
Cleary, Beverly   Ribsy
Cone, Molly   Mishmash
DiCamillo, Kate   Tiger Rising
Eckert, Allan   Incident at Hawk's Hill
Erickson, Russell   Toad for Tuesdays
Gasque, Dale   Pony Trouble
George, Jean Craighead   Frightful's Mountain
Gipson, Fred   Old Yeller
Graeber, Charlotte   Nobody's Dog
Grahame, Kenneth   The Wind in the Willows
Henkes, Kevin   Protecting Marie
Henry, Marguerite   King of the Wind
Hesse, Karen   Sable
Hurwitz, Johanna   A Llama in the Family
Jacques, Brian   Redwall
King-Smith, Dick   The Invisible Dog
Kipling, Rudyard   The Jungle Book
Kipling, Rudyard   Just So Stories
Kjelgaard, James   Big Red
Le Guin, Ursula   Catwings
Levin, Betty¬†   Look Back, Moss
London, Jack   White Fang
Morey, Walt   Gentle Ben
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds   Shiloh
Pochocki,Ethel   The Attic Mice
Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan   The Yearling
Rawls, Wilson   Summer of the Monkeys
Rodowsky, Colby   Not My Dog
Rounds, Glen   The Blind Colt
Schlein, Miriam   The Year of the Panda
Selden, George   A Cricket in Times Square
Smith, Susan M.   The Booford Summer
Steig, William   Abel's Island
Sterling, North   Rascal
Taylor, Theodore   The Trouble with Tuck
Taylor, Theodore   Tuck Triumphant
Wilbur, Frances   The Dog with Golden Eyes