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Fantasy- J & JF


Author   Title
Adams, Richard   Watership Down
Adler, C.S.   Ghost Brother
Adler, C.S.   Help Pink Pig
Alexander, Lloyd   The Book of Three (Prydain Cycle)
Almond, David   Heaven Eyes
Almond, David   Skellig
Amoss, Berthe   Lost Magic
Avi   Ereth's Birthday
Avi   Perloo the Bold
Avi   Poppy
Avi   Poppy and Rye
Avi   Ragweed
Babbitt, Natalie   The Search for Delicious
Babbitt, Natalie   Tuck Everlasting
Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin   Miss Hickory
Baker, Jeannie   The Hidden Forest
Baker, Jeannie   Where the Forest Meets the Sea
Banks, Lynne Reid   The Indian in the Cupboard
Barrie, J.M.   Peter Pan
Bauer, Marion Dane   Ghost Eye
Bauer, Marion Dane   A Taste of Smoke
Baum, Frank L.   The Wizard of Oz
Billingsley, Franny   The Folk Keeper
Bodkin, Odds   Ghost of the Southern Belle
Buffie, Margaret   The Watcher
Byars, Betsy   McMummy
Carroll, Lewis   Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Colfer, Eoin   Artemis Fowl
Collins, Suzanne   Gregor the Overlander
Cooper, Susan   The Boggart
Cooper, Susan   The Dark is Rising
Cooper, Susan   Silver on the Tree
Coville, Bruce   The Ghost Wore Gray
Coville, Bruce   A Glory of Unicorns
Creech, Sharon   Pleasing the Dark
Crossley-Holland, Kevin   The Seeing Stone
Curry, Jane Louise   The Egyptian Boy
Dahl, Roald   James and the Giant Peach
Dahl, Roald   The Witches
Defelice, Cynthia   The Ghost of Fossil Glen
DiCamillo, Kate   The Tale of Despereaux
Downer, Ann   Hatching Magic
Duane, Diane   So You Want to Be a Wizard
DuPrau, Jeanne   The City of Ember
Farmer, Nancy   The Sea of Trolls
Funke, Cornelia   The Thief Lord
Gliori, Debi   Pure Dead Magic
Gliori, Debi   Pure Dead Wicked
Gliori, Debi   Pure Dead Brilliant
Grahame, Kenneth   The Wind in the Willows
Griffin, Adele   Witch Twins
Gutman, Dan   Babe and Me: a baseball card adventure
Haddix, Margaret   Running Out of Time
Hahn, Mary D.   Wait Till Helen Comes
Hale, Bruce   The Hamster of Baskervilles
Hoeye, Michael   The Sands of Time
Hoffman, Alice   Aquamarine
Ibbotson, Eva   The Secret of Platform 13
Ibbotson, Eva   Witch Witch
Jaques, Brian   Redwall (series)
Juster, Norton   The Phantom Tollbooth
King-Smith, Dick   Clever Lollipop
Koller, Jackie   If I Had One Wish
Labatt, Mary   One Terrible Halloween
Lally, Soinbhe   A Hive for Honeybee
LeGuin, Ursula   Catwings (series)
Levine, Gail Carson   Dave at Night
Levine, Gail Carson   Ella Enchanted
Lewis, C.S.   The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Chronicles of Narnia-series)
Lisle, Janet T.   Afternoon of the Elves
Lisle, Janet T.   The Lost Flower Children
Lowry, Lois   Gathering Blue
McGraw, Eloise   The Moorchild
Maguire, Gregory   Seven Spiders Spinning
Martin, Ann. M.   The Doll People
Nimmo, Jenny   Midnight for Charlie Bone
O'Brien, Robert   Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
Oppel, Kenneth   Silverwing
Pierce, Tamora   Briar's Book (Circle of Magic-Series)
Pullman, Philip   The Firework-Maker's Daughter
Scieszka, Jon   Tut Tut (Time Warp Trio Series)
Selden, George   The Cricket in Times Square
Steig, William   Abel's Island
Tolkien, J.R.R.   The Hobbit
Turner, Megan   The Thief  
Van Velde, Vivian   Smart Dog
White, E.B.    Charlotte's Web
Wrede, Patricia   Dealing with Dragons
Yep, Laurence   Dragonwings
Yolen, Jane   Wizard's Hall